Many Women are Exploring Birth Control Options and Asking, Is an IUD a good birth control fit for me?

As the proud owner of a uterus, once a month or so, we are left to deal with a frustrating, yet natural bodily process. Maybe you are tired of worrying about the risk of unwanted pregnancy, tired of being stuck in bed from painful cramps, or dealing with hormone-induced mood swings. Setting up a doctor visit to receive birth control can feel overwhelming and time-consuming, but works to eliminate that issue by giving you access to birth control in a timely manner. Approximately 65% of those who experience periods aged 15 to 49 actively use some type of contraceptive.


With advances in technology, so many different types of birth control have come to doctors’ offices and pharmacies, so deciding which is right for you has become increasingly difficult. So you may ask, “Is an IUD a good birth control fit for me?” Let’s talk…

If you are looking for birth control that is:
Extremely effective
Low maintenance
Then an IUD may be a great fit for you!

Why an IUD may be the perfect birth control for you!

Not sure of when you want to start a family?


A big difference between an IUD and other birth control options is its ability to be quickly reversed. You can regain fertility immediately after having your IUD removed, which makes it an ideal birth control for those who may want to get pregnant in the future. Having an IUD is having a birth control that works on your schedule and with your wants. An IUD can last anywhere from 3 years to 7 years, but can also be removed at any time with no issues. With IUDs, you never have to feel rushed into hasty decision-making.

Furthermore, if you are currently running a family and are ready to put pregnancy on pause an IUD may be perfect for you. If you recently had a kid and are wanting to protect yourself from an unwanted pregnancy too soon, IUDs are safe to use while breastfeeding. They can give you the opportunity to create a strong family life balance, while not having to experience painful periods or pregnancy scares. 

Your Lifestyle – Getting Low Maintenance Birth Control Fast


Whether it be taking a pill every day or having to deal with a period every month, dealing with your cycle can be time-consuming, inconvenient, and painful. Setting up a doctor visit for birth control, then remembering to take a birth control pill daily, and still potentially taking a week out of your month to handle a period can take so much time out of your adventurous lifestyle. No matter who you are, dealing with your cycle can prevent you from doing what you love most in life. 

“Around 80% of women experience period pain at some stage in their lifetime. You can suffer from period pain from your early teens right up to menopause. Most women experience some discomfort during menstruation, especially on the first day.” – Women’s Health Concern, Period Pain 

Maybe you are the type who enjoys living an active lifestyle or exploring the world around you. Maybe you are currently career-focused or you’re just not ready for another pregnancy. In any case, you know how difficult it can be to do the things you love when it’s that time of the month. However, birth control can help moderate your period. More than 8/10 women report that birth control has had a positive effect on their well beings.

If you are constantly on the go and ready to get birth control as soon as possible, My IUD can help you. Most doctor visits for birth control can take weeks to book, but with My IUD patients can get their IUD in as early as a few days to a week. You can learn more about why you should consider an IUD here

Who Is In Control?- You OR Your Period? 

Don’t Let Your Period Control Your Life!


Your Wants – Getting a Lighter or Nonexistent Period

Many people may not be aware that you do not need to experience a period to continue living a healthy lifestyle. While periods are a natural occurrence, dealing with them can be difficult and messy at times. If you are someone who suffers from conditions like:

  • Endometriosis
  • Excessive bleeding 
  • Severe cramps 
  • Anemia 

Then an IUD should be one of your top choices. IUDs are unique in that they can keep you from having periods at all or at the very least allow you to experience a much lighter flow. Not having a period, having fewer cycles, or simply a lighter flow can reduce the amount of pain you experience from these symptoms. Many of those who use an IUD are likely to stop having periods completely or experience fewer cycles. 

Around 50% who use an IUD stop having periods after 6 months
Around 25% report having periods less often

An IUD can allow you to stop being debilitated by your cycle – allowing you to live the life freely you deserve to live.


Ready for the first day of your new life? Visit a doctor and get your IUD birth control in as little as a week! 

At My IUD, you can get assessed through a phone call and set up with a medical practitioner who will insert your IUD. We work with your schedule and want your needs taken care of first. You can have your new IUD in as little as a few days to a week, making it a quick and easy process.
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