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About Us

It’s the 21st Century, and Getting an IUD Should Not Be This Hard is a safe, revolutionary, and convenient way to providing women with access to IUDs. The network is made up of some of the country’s leading women’s health providers.

Frustrated by the obsolete, tedious system for helping patients to attain an IUD, the professional team at knew there had to be a better way of family planning patient care. With over 25 years’ experience, our founder researched, studied and strategized with other leaders in women’s reproductive health and family planning services to create

Our goal is to safely, efficiently, and more conveniently deliver better women’s birth control options to our patients by providing more effective access to IUDs. Lets You Make the Decision About When to Start a Family

Offering IUDs Online Does Not Mean We Skimp on Patient Care

We love our IUDs, but we love great women’s healthcare more. To assure that our IUD patients receive the highest quality of care, we have created one of the country’s largest networks of women’s’ health practitioners. Our My medical professionals and practitioners not only follow the regulations of their state medical boards, but also our own strict protocols for patients.

Why We Only Offer IUDs/LARCs As a Birth Control Choice

At, IUDs (Intrauterine Devices) and Nexplanon (LARCs) are all we offer. And for good reason. IUDs/LARCs are considered the most effective form of birth control for most women in a wide range of ages. They also have the least amount of side effects. And, even more important, IUDs are a reversible contraception, so when ready for pregnancy, they can be removed quickly with little to no recovery time.

We have carefully screened our IUD pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers to assure that the IUDs we offer are safe, effective and meet all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety and manufacturing requirements. But not only that, our IUDs come from the same leading pharmaceutical companies as those that take weeks for delivery. It’s all about the supplier relationship. Is There for You…

  • From a woman’s initial inquiry about an IUD
  • Through our Telemed consultation by a medical professional
  • To IUD insertion by a state licensed practitioner
  • Through annual health checks
  • And finally, to IUD removal when the time is right. patients are supported throughout their life planning IUD journey.

Just Because We Offer IUDs Online
Does Not Mean We Skimp On Patient Care.


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