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Birth Control

How Long Should A Woman Wait Before Sleeping With A Man

The world of dating is a fun, exciting, and nerve-wracking experience all in one. There are so many emotions flying around for both people involved, and navigating them can be difficult. You may feel like you have no idea what you are doing at times—questioning the other person’s feelings while trying to navigate through your own. And, on top of it all, there seem to be unspoken rules of dating that can be confusing. Specifically, when it comes to sleeping with your new partner. For reliable information and advice on this topic, consider speaking to a birth control doctor about safe sex.

holiday plans
Sleeping Together at Your Parents House, DOs & DON’Ts

As the holiday season begins to approach, so does the fear of squeaky bed frames and sexual intimacy in the confines of your childhood bedroom. How can you be safe and quiet while also trying to have some fun? Condoms can be hard to hide and sometimes messy, so maybe a prior IUD insertion by your doctor is the way to go before releasing your sexual frustrations on the holiday. No matter how you choose to protect yourself this holiday season, we are going to be covering all the DOs and DON’Ts of sleeping together at your parents’ house or your partner’s parents’ house. 

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Discussing Birth Control With Your Partner

Talking about the outcomes of sex is an essential part of any relationship that involves physical intimacy. While it requires you to be vulnerable and open with your partner, it can help you further your relationship and better allow you both to understand your future goals in life, such as family planning. Whether your plan involves seeing a doctor for an IUD or visiting the supermarket for condoms – understanding relationship expectations is important.

The Feminine Life …

Women’s reproductive health is ever changing, now you have a trusted space to explore, learn and grow while it happens. Are hormonal or non-hormonal IUDs better for women’s health? Is it true that sex will be uncomfortable after I have an IUD inserted? On’s blog, we debunk the myths, answer “awkward” questions, and spark discussions about taking control of…


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