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Why IUD?

Why An IUD?

Because Pregnancy Is YOUR Choice! makes your IUD experience informative, efficient, and easy without multiple visits to a doctor.

IUDs Let You Make The Decision About When To Start A Family

As one of the most effective forms of contraception, IUDs ( or intrauterine devices) are popular among women thanks to the convenience and the flexibility that they offer. The problem for many women, however, is getting their IUD birth control solution conveniently when they want or need it. At, we understand that timing is important for any stage of life. Whether planning ahead, in a relationship or starting a new career, having the ability to choose “the right time” for pregnancy is important.

Why An IUD?

  • There is minimal IUD Insertion Pain
  • Little to no IUD Side Effects
  • The IUD effectiveness rate is over 99%!
  • The IUD insertion process is quick, 5-15 minutes.
  • The IUD procedure timeframe takes only 3 Days to a Week from consultation to insertion; other providers make you wait up to 4 weeks!
  • Compared to the pill, IUD birth control price, in many cases is a more affordable option.
  • Fertility can return immediately after IUD removal.

How long after IUD insertion is it effective? Once inserted, an IUD will safely protect you against pregnancy for 3 to 10 years. Until it is expired or taken out, you no longer need to worry about the daily pill or the frequent change of your birth control ring. Just set it and forget it – IUDs are simply awesome that way!

The Period Perk

Imagine freedom from the monthly mood swings, headaches, and menstrual pain.
What a perk that would be!

Did you know that in some instances an IUD insertion can actually make your periods lighter and less painful? Hormonal IUDs can help reduce cramps and can even shorten your monthly menstruation cycle. Plus, both the insertion and removal processes are quick and simple. Overall, IUDs check many boxes for women out there who seek to take control of their bodies and reproductive future. Affordable, accessible, and safe – there is a reason why IUDs are becoming so popular among women of a wide range of ages.

Who Is An IUD Right For?

Because College Should Be About Exploring Life First

Being a college student can be hectic and stressful. From striving to meet your academic goals to staying active in school organizations, working outside of class to expanding your network, the list keeps growing. With so many things to juggle while in college, you probably are not ready for motherhood and all the responsibilities that come with it.

Did You Know?
  • According to, “a large portion of women who get pregnant in college end up dropping out temporarily or permanently.”
  • The average college student needs at least 2 hours of study time for every 1-hour class a week. That is 24 hours for 12 class hours!
  • Travel experts say that ages 18 to 22 are the best ages to travel and experience the world.

While there are many resources available on college campuses to support pregnant and parenting students, not many women can balance college life and parenting, and that’s okay! Timing is everything. Having an effective and trusted form of birth control like an IUD, plays an important role in relationships and family planning. An IUD allows you the freedom to experience college life to its fullest without the fear of pregnancy.

Starting a new career can mean extra hours, extra attention and extra commitment. While many women excel at multitasking and controlling different moving parts in their life, motherhood on top of a demanding career can be a lot to manage. However, IUDs offer women a safe, effective birth control option that allows the timing of motherhood to be your choice.

Did you Know?
  • According to government statistics it can cost around $233,000 to raise a child from infant to age 17.
  • Average student debt is around $49,000 for college graduates.
  • According to some relationship experts, age 28 is the best time for women to consider marriage and a family.

Thanks to’s efficient IUD procedure process, you can focus on accomplishing your professional goals and building the financial stability that is often required to have children. Most importantly, the IUD is a safer birth control option that will not affect your fertility when you are ready to start a family.

The prospect of having children when first married can be an exciting life event. After your first child is born however, you may realize that there is more than enough on your plate to handle. Parenting can be a challenge in the best of circumstances, and for new parents there is definitely a learning curve. So, the idea of having a second child may seem a bit daunting at the moment. But deciding to wait does not have to be a challenge or mean more children won’t be possible. The IUD is an excellent birth control choice for women seeking to enjoy their first parenting experience a little longer by waiting to have that next child.

Did You Know?
  • It can take up to 18 months after having a child for a woman’s body to be fully recovered.
  • Studies show that the chances pregnancy complications, such as anemia, can increase in pregnancies that are close together.
  • You can still breastfeed with an IUD

Overall, an IUD can fit perfectly into your family planning and help you achieve the goals of parenting. It gives you the freedom of experiencing motherhood to its fullest with the child or children you already have while providing a safer, more flexible way of ending birth control when ready.
Special Note: If you decide to choose IUD for postpartum contraception, bear in mind that timing is important. It would be best if the IUD can be inserted either within 10 minutes after delivery or 6 weeks postpartum. It is advisable that you discuss this topic with your partner in advance to find the best option for your reproductive health and your lifestyle. Allows You To Make The Choice In Timing

We Provide IUDs That Are Safe, Trusted and Accessible

Whatever your stage of life, IUD birth control offers women a safe birth control option with easy removal when the time is right for pregnancy. At, we provide quicker, yet safe solutions for getting your IUD in place so you can begin living your life on your terms.
Our teleconsultation team is made up of family planning specialists who cover all the bases when consulting with you to assure an IUD is the right fit for your personal birth control choice. Our team of providers are seasoned family planning practitioners with over 25 years’ experience in women’s fertility and healthcare. We are HIPAA compliant and observe all patient information protection and security protocols.

Entire visit under 30 minutes... actual insertion is 1 to 2 mins

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