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*All IUDs are FDA approved, purchased, and shipped from a USA manufacturer. Has Perfected The Ideal IUD Process For Women

Your time is important. The administrative team at has worked hand in hand with our practitioners to perfect a process for helping our patients get the quickest access to their IUDs. No more multiple doctor visits or waiting a month to get an IUD insertion appointment.

The process is streamlined to do the hard work upfront and online, freeing up our patient’s time. You will need only one “in-office” visit – your IUD insertion appointment. We work with a team of the most trusted, caring women’s health practitioners. Our patients leave happy and satisfied.

The process is simple: only 4 easy steps

  1. REGISTRATION – Fill out’s Registration Form
  2. VERIFICATION – We verify your insurance benefits and coverage for the IUD. (Self-Pay options are also available)
  3. CONSULTATION – We conduct a Tele-Health Consult via HIPAA secure text messaging to see if/and/which IUD/LARC is right for you.
  4. INSERTION – We then schedule your IUD/LARC insertion visit in as little as 1 week in the office of a certified Ob/Gyn provider near you.

That’s It!


Mirena IUD

52 mg Levonorgestrel Release IUS (8 year) Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Kyleena IUD

19.5 mg Levonorgestrel Release IUS (5 year) Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Paragard IUD

Copper Intrauterine Contraceptive
(10 years) Cooper Surgical



Etonogestrel implant 68mg (3 years) Organon


Imagine No More Waiting 4 Weeks for an IUD

I want to start planning my life now, but that doesn’t include a baby…yet.

When it comes to your reproductive health and choosing a birth control that fits your life, an IUD makes perfect sense. But waiting 4 weeks doesn’t!

At, we are a team made up of some of the country’s leading women’s health practitioners. Our goal is simple: to provide an efficient option for women to access an IUD for their chosen birth contraceptive solution. Allows You to Plan Your Life on Your Time, Without the Burden of a Daily Pill

At, we understand the importance of women having control over their life plans. Dedicated to women’s reproductive health, our large network of physicians are fully certified, licensed, and current on the latest developments in contraceptive healthcare.

We offer only IUDs because they are safer, more trustworthy and offer women the greatest options for family planning. What good is birth control if it controls your life? IUDs offer women the flexibility to immediately begin the road to pregnancy when the time is right.

The IUDs we offer meet all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety and manufacturing requirements. Our IUDs come from the same leading pharmaceutical companies as those that take weeks for delivery.

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