The world of dating is a fun, exciting, and nerve-wracking experience all in one. There are so many emotions flying around for both people involved, and navigating them can be difficult. You may feel like you have no idea what you are doing at times—questioning the other person’s feelings while trying to navigate through your own. And, on top of it all, there seem to be unspoken rules of dating that can be confusing. Specifically, when it comes to sleeping with your new partner. For reliable information and advice on this topic, consider speaking to a birth control doctor about safe sex.

Sleeping with a new partner requires an intimate discussion so that you can get to know them and they can get to know you. Sexual health in specific should not be skipped over, as it is the best way to judge if your decision to sleep with them is safe and healthy.

Everyone has a different opinion on how long you should wait before sleeping with a man. Truth be told, the answer is subjective. Every person and every relationship is different, so there is not necessarily a right or wrong time. Although if you are feeling conflicted on when to take this next step, there are a few things to consider.

How Well Do You Know Them?birth control doctor

Did you hit it off right away with your new partner? Or are you still getting to know them? Either way, being comfortable with the new person you are considering sleeping with is important. Sex is supposed to be intimate and vulnerable. If you don’t feel like you know them well enough to let your guard down, that could be a sign that you may need to get to know them better before taking them to the bedroom.

Are You Protected From Pregnancy?

Your new man may be apprehensive in bringing this topic up, so letting them know you are protected from pregnancy is nice to share. Ask your birth control doctor for more information about your specific birth control, so you can accurately share it with your new partner. If you are new to birth control, you should consider an IUD. IUDs offer a 99% effectiveness rate and the least amount of side effects. You and your partner can rest assured knowing you are protected from pregnancy and just focus on the fun stuff.

What Kind Of Relationship Do You Expect With This Person?
birth control doctor

We all know that sex can make new relationships complicated. This is why it is important to be honest about your expectations before sleeping with a new man for the first time. Do you want a bigger commitment? Or do you want to keep things casual? Whatever your desires are, having an honest conversation will ensure there are no false hopes or disappointment.

Making The Decision

Ultimately, as a woman, you should be deciding when you are ready to sleep with a man for the first time. Stay true to your expectations and do not settle for anything that compromises them. If your man cannot respect that, maybe he is not the one you should be getting intimate with. Sex should be empowering and loving; always remember that you deserve the best! And, if you need help preparing yourself for sex, never hesitate to reach out to your birth control doctor.

If you are looking for a new birth control doctor, consider My-IUD. To learn more about IUDs as a birth control option, or to consult with a professional about safe sex, visit today. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for encouragement and helpful information.

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