Talking about the outcomes of sex is an essential part of any relationship that involves physical intimacy. While it requires you to be vulnerable and open with your partner, it can help you further your relationship and better allow you both to understand your future goals in life, such as family planning. Whether your plan involves seeing a doctor for an IUD or visiting the supermarket for condoms – understanding relationship expectations is important.

As someone with a uterus, bodily autonomy is important. However, that doesn’t mean that only you should have to deal with the burden of birth control. When one partner doesn’t want to participate in the birth control decision, it creates an unfair burden. When you share decisions about birth control, it increases the likelihood of both parties being protected and furthers the trust in the relationship.


talking about birth control options

The first step to talking about birth control with your partner is to be vulnerable. Even if you are already on birth control, it is still important to share your thoughts and wants with your partner. For instance, consulting with a doctor or women’s health professional for an IUD, can be a great way for preventing pregnancy, but neither of them can protect you from STIs. Create a space where both of you feel comfortable having a conversation that may feel slightly awkward. Every couple is different, so what works for someone else may not work for you.

The birth control talk makes both parties have to consider many different possibilities, such as:

  • When/if you want kids?
  • What is your current financial situation?
  • Will it affect your sex life?
  • What is expected of each other in the relationship?

You should try considering this conversation like that of one that would happen in a business relationship. You should think about what you want to talk about, what you want, and what you aren’t willing to settle for. Whether you are in a new relationship or planning for a marriage, the conversation is important. If the relationship is nearing marriage you may be more focused on family planning over needing to know if your partner has been tested for an STD. Your birth control needs may change as you progress in life, so talking to your partner and your doctor are important.

IUD, The Pill, Condoms? Oh My! Choosing the Right Birth Control

After you have put yourself in a vulnerable place with your partner, you should both decide which type of birth control is best for you. If you are entering into a marriage, your birth control options and decisions will begin to change and differ from those you made at the beginning of your relationship.

deciding on a birth control

Before you were in a relationship, you may have been taking birth control to combat an imbalance of hormones. When you first entered your relationship you may have been more concerned about protecting yourself from STIs and pregnancy. Now, as you enter a marriage, and know your partner’s sexual history, you may be more fearful of unwanted pregnancy and less concerned about an STI. Furthermore, your choice of birth control or your needs in birth control may change as your relationship progresses or your wants in life change.

If you are thinking of trying to get pregnant soon, you may want to consider a birth control option that can allow for fertility soon after being removed. The IUD is popular among those who may be looking into having a kid in the future due to its ability to be inserted and removed with ease by a doctor. Furthermore, it allows for pregnancy almost immediately after its removal. Last, they require little to no upkeep and allow you to continue having sex as usual.

Sticking To Your Plan

After you have settled on an idea for what you are looking for in birth control you should make a game plan for sticking to your new birth control regimen. This should consist of consulting with a doctor and preparing yourself to begin birth control. If you are choosing to have a doctor insert an IUD, you don’t have to worry about performing a daily task, such as taking a pill. However, if you choose the pill you should be prepared to set an alarm and take it every day at the same time.

You should also prepare yourself with a plan b. If something were to happen and you were to get pregnant at an unwanted time – make sure you and your partner have discussed a plan b. Making sure you are both on the same page prevents unwanted stress and problems in the relationship.

Ultimately, you should remember that it is your body and your choice. You should never feel pressured to use a form of birth control that you are not comfortable with. Additionally, you also should not need to feel burdened with the responsibility of protecting your sexual relationship. Creating an open space for communication in your relationship is extremely important to your relationship as a whole.

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