As the holiday season begins to approach, so does the fear of squeaky bed frames and sexual intimacy in the confines of your childhood bedroom. How can you be safe and quiet while also trying to have some fun? Condoms can be hard to hide and sometimes messy, so maybe a prior IUD insertion by your doctor is the way to go before releasing your sexual frustrations on the holiday. No matter how you choose to protect yourself this holiday season, we are going to be covering all the DOs and DON’Ts of sleeping together at your parents’ house or your partner’s parents’ house. 

Let’s be honest, sex can be messy, in more ways than one. A mess is the last thing you want while trying to be secretive while your family is in the room down the hall. This is why you and your partner need to have a plan to keep it together over the holidays. It can feel like a taboo subject to talk about, but with some planning ahead and open honesty it becomes much easier to do so.

Discuss Your Planscouple discussing holiday plans

First things first, the best way to stay out of trouble and dodge awkward conversations at home is to avoid sex during your stay. However, that is often easier said than done. That’s why it takes both of you to stay strong as a team and prepare with a game plan. Work to understand what you and your partner are both comfortable with. For instance: 

  • Are you willing to have sex in a different environment? 
  • Do you only want to have sex when no one is in the house? 
  • Are you willing to keep the noise level to a minimum? 
  • How will you use protection? 

Sex, in general, is all about communication and that doesn’t change just because it is the holiday season. Never feel ashamed about your feeling regarding sex and keep the conversation open and comfortable. You can read more about people’s personal feelings on sex at their parents here.

Protection Is Always Important

Let’s talk about what protection to use when you aren’t at home! Condoms can be messy, ineffective, and hard to hide from parents. Using an alternative form of birth control can be a great way to avoid awkward conversations about why there is a condom wrapper in the trash can. Birth control pills can be a great alternative, however, remembering to take a pill every day on vacation can be a bit hard AND can cause unpleasant side effects in addition to being less effective. Getting an IUD insertion by your doctor before heading out for the holidays can be a great way to protect yourself from an unplanned pregnancy. It requires no aftercare and can begin protecting you upon insertion. 

Respecting Family Morals And Restrictions

If you are not willing to have sex because your parents have a home with strict religious values or just you feel it is more respectful to not have sex in a different home, sleeping in different bedrooms may be your best option. Try to say goodnight to each other, and avoid the foreplay that can lead to giving in. Most importantly, hold each other accountable and resist the urge to sneak into one another’s room during the night. A great alternative to staying frisky while visiting the family this holiday season is getting a room at an Airbnb or a hotel! This allows you to keep your privacy, while also staying close to home. Add bonus, it can also provide that necessary escape when the family time gets a bit overwhelming. 

Gaining Trust

Being a welcomed guest in the home is a great way to facilitate trust and create a strong relationship with your partner’s parents. A great way to do this is by offering your help with chores around the house. You can also offer to help cook family dinners to take the stress away from the host. Not only is this polite, but it can also allow your partner’s parents to understand what your partner sees in you.

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