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Who should not get an IUD

You are not eligible for an IUD if you have the following:

  1. Are or might be pregnant.
  2. Have a serious pelvic infection called pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or have had PID in the past
  3. Have an untreated genital infection now
  4. Have had a serious pelvic infection in the past 3 months after a pregnancy
  5. Can get infections easily. For example, if you:
    • have multiple sexual partners or your partner has multiple sexual partners
    • have problems with your immune system
    • use or abuse intravenous drugs
  6. Have or suspect you might have cancer of the uterus or cervix
  7. Have bleeding from the vagina that has not been explained
  8. Have liver disease or a liver tumor
  9. Have breast cancer or any other cancer that is sensitive to progestin, now or in the past
  10. Have an intrauterine device in your uterus already
  11. Have a condition of the uterus that changes the shape of the uterine cavity
  12. Are allergic to levonorgestrel, silicone, polyethylene, silica, barium sulfate or iron oxide
  13. Are allergic to copper or have Wilson’s disease


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